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Friday, July 31, 2009


Eating gluten free while on the road can be very challenging, but it is definitely manageable. There are so many restaurants that have gluten free menus, with more showing up every day. And there are many restaurants that, while they don't have gluten free menus, are still able to accomodate gluten free needs.

This list (by state and/or chain) will be a continuing list of {...}
links to my blogposts (or other blogs that post about gluten free dining experiences) that feature reviews of restaurants that either have gluten free menus or are simply gluten free friendly even if they don't have a gluten free menu.

If you have a suggestion for a restaurant that I should check out, please email me at birdwoman5151 AT gmail DOT com.

Boston: Burton's Grill

Worcester: Wild Willy's

Chestnut Hill: Pho Pasteur


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